EP43: Karl Krueger: Art, Objects & Architecture – Wolcott Stick Wrangler

Art speaks to different people in different ways, but some pieces speak to the masses. Alex’s guest today is Karl Krueger, a sculptor, architect, activist, and renaissance man. Karl is unique in that he sees cows as the unsung heroes of society, providing us with food and don’t really move much. He sees them as very architectural in their stances and has let that appreciation for cows and other animals inspire his artwork!


In this episode, Alex and Karl talk about…

  • Karl’s special cowboy hat that he used to persuade policymakers
  • What has been exciting Karl in the back of his mind
  • Why Karl admires cows in his architecture
  • Differences between male and female cows
  • How Karl gained access to this land
  • Creating art that people can interact with and recognize
  • Where the pleasure of looking at an art piece comes from
  • Breaking down a tree that is breaking down


Links to resources:

KARL KRUEGER ARCHITECTURE - Art, Objects & Architecture





A special thanks to James Juflas for sharing his land for the sake of art, and putting a smile on people’s faces.


Also, a special thanks to Homestake Peak School and Eagle County Public Schools for the pile of sticks for a great education with which to make something out of them


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