EP73: Author – Matt Solomon: “Fortunate Accidents”

Just like Matt’s infectious PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), this episode of TBJ will make you smile as well as possibly rekindle your sense of adventure.

Matt Solomon joins us today to discuss his new book, “Fortunate Accidents”, a must read for adventure seekers and those that believe that nothing happens by “accident”.

Fortunate Accidents could be summarized as meetings or events that contribute something positive to a person’s life.

Using the platform of the author’s life and experiences to teach lessons on awareness, mindfulness, resilience, and emotional maturity, this book shares a formula, or philosophical belief, for manifesting Fortunate Accidents in one’s life.

Fortunate Accidents is available for purchase on Amazon for $19.95 in paperback and

$9.95 for eBook.


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Just a few of Matt’s accomplishments . . .


Lakota Guides and Timberline Tours (raft guide/ safety kayak), Western Eagle County, Ambulance District (paramedic, FTO), Colorado Mountain College (adjunct instructor, EMS), Eagle County Coroner’s Office (deputy coroner), Alpine Arms (founder), Town of Eagle (Town Council)


Paddled for Team Dagger and was a SUP ambassador for C4 and Boardworks when we first brought SUP inland. Founded the Homestake Creek Race with Ken Hoeve and Paul St Ruth, freestyle kayak judge for the USAFK sanctioned events (Mtn Games, FibArk, etc)

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