Episode 14 – A Mets Fan Journey from Lincoln to Eagle to Work…

Allegiance in sports can be determined by a multitude of factors. If you’re lucky, you grow up in a city that has a professional team of its own, but if not, then you rely on fate to decide for you. Alex’s guest today, Jared, came up in Lincoln, Nebraska as a Mets fan of all things. Though New York was far away, Darryl Strawberry, Dwight Gooden, and the boys of the Miracle Mets had imprinted their greatness across the country to Jared and his friends. Over the years, Jared’s experiences through sports and life have led him to where he is today, an attorney in Eagle, Colorado.

In this episode, the guys talk about...

  • Jared’s upbringing that made him a Mets fan
  • Breaking down the epic home run derby battle of 2019
  • Assessing physical violence in the world today
  • Core competencies: what are they?
  • Why some people have an uncomfortable time communicating with others
  • Benefits of working as a dating consultant
  • The storied history of the Builders Journey studio
  • How the valley helps build close-knit relationships
  • Jared plays the famous name-drop game
  • Knowing what he wanted to do with his life at a very young age

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