Episode 22 – We’re All Going To Die! w/Bobby Knox

The zombie apocalypse is here and we’re all going to die! Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s very clear to everyone that the world is going through one of the biggest shifts in recent memory. COVID-19 is spreading around the world and all we can do is hunker down and weather the storm. Alex is with Bobby Knox in the studio today, his third time on the show, and they are talking all about the state of the world right now and what’s to come. Is there a silver lining to all this madness? That’s for you to decide!


In this episode, Alex and Bobby talk about…

  • Earth may be going through a natural correction right now
  • Grocery stores are being ravaged for the wrong reasons
  • How bad could this thing really get?
  • There’s nothing to distract us from the realities that we’re in
  • Ignorance as a society might be what led to our reaction now
  • Airlines and the state of world travel right now
  • Our immune systems have suffered from germaphobia
  • Podcast people are cut from a different cloth than social media people
  • How education systems around the world are changing with the times
  • Bobby and Alex’s hilarious Nashville to Prague story
  • All the possible names for Alex and Bobby’s future travel podcast

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