Episode 25: Monica Geist Ph.D. – Math with a Laugh

In this episode, Alex and Monica talk about…

  • Monica’s backstory growing up in Boulder
  • How much of life is predicated on written mathematical proofs
  • COVID-19 has changed the experience for students and teachers
  • Zoom has changed the game for interactive teaching online
  • The immediate future of teaching during the pandemic
  • People are unique and everyone learns in different ways
  • We will never go back to how we did things before
  • Monica’s proclivity toward teaching has impacted Alex’s life
  • Sometimes Alex uses words that he doesn’t understand
  • Alex and Monica throw around some old stories
  • Just keep breathing when you face math problems in life


Links to resources:

Spiderman Homecoming


Difficult Story Problems:

Q: Why was the mathematician late to work?

A: He took the rhombus.


Q: What did the mathematician say when she lost her protractor?

A: Where’s my protractor?


Q: Why was the fraction apprehensive about marrying the decimal?

A: Because he would have to convert.


Q: Why do plants hate math?

A: It gives them square roots.


Q: Why was the math book depressed?

A: It had a lot of problems.

Monica Geist Ph.D.: Monica.Geist@frontrange.edu

Asynchronous Definition:


Pythagorean Theorem:


Law of Cosines:


Quadratic Equation:



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