Episode 33: Scott S. Turnipseed AIA. Architect. Mayor. Visionary. Giver.

In this episode, Alex and Scott talk about…

  • There’s always going to be friction on a job site
  • The name Turnipseed has gotten Scott into some hilarious situations
  • Chris Cook, Yuri Kostic & Scott helped bring the state high school mountain bike championship to Eagle
  • Grappling with the prospect of mountain biking becoming too popular
  • E-bikes bring a whole new aspect to outdoor travel in Eagle
  • Taking land that could be used for development and dedicating it to wildlife
  • Realities that Scott has to deal with in regards to Broadway vs. Eagle Ranch
  • Shocking fact about property taxes and where they go
  • Using his influence as Mayor to increase communication amongst city leaders
  • How COVID has affected budgets, ongoing projects, and future projects
  • Scott has a ton on his plate with the pressure of growth and how to fund it
  • Eagle is a very giving community and is working with the homeless
  • After design school, Scott took the construction path before practicing architecture
  • Turnipseed Architecture and Construction specializes in clean lines and maximizing what sites have to offer
  • Leaders must be open-minded and empower the people that work for them


Links to resources:

Scott S. Turnipseed AIA Architecture and Construction, Inc.: https://sstaia.com/

2014 Winners Scott Turnipseed & Chris Cook: https://www.townofeagle.org/657/2014-Winners-Scott-Turnipseed-and-Chris- 

Elevate Eagle: https://www.elevateeagle.com/

T.H.O.R. Eagle Broadband: https://www.townofeagle.org/broadband 

Eagle - Long Range Planning: https://www.townofeagle.org/727/Long-Range-Planning-Projects 

Brush Creek Valley Ranch: https://www.eaglecounty.us/OpenSpace/Documents/Regional_Map/

Eagle Valley Community Foundation: https://eaglevalleycf.org/the-community-market/ 

Vail Daily - Kelly Liken Food Bank: https://www.vaildaily.com/news/our-community-foundation-expands-with-launch-of-the-community-market/

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Or Text “HOME” to 741741 to connect with a caring crisis or peer counselor

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