Episode 12 – Ret. Fire Chief ‘Jon Jon’ Asper

Get ready to be inspired. Alex has the pleasure of interviewing retired Fire Chief, ‘Jon Jon’ Asper, a man that has served the Eagle community for more than 20 years. Jon’s career achievements have gone above and beyond his duty as a fire fighter, with his goal in life being to serve his community in the best way that he can. He is here to talk about life in retirement, how the Eagle Fire Department came to be what it is today, and plenty of more interesting stories about his life of service. This man has spent his life living every day in pursuit of something bigger than himself. Stay tuned to hear what it really means to dedicate your life to the service of the greater good.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Jon Jon’s story
  • Early days of the fire department in small-town Eagle
  • Creation of the infamous barbeque bar dance
  • Getting his start as a fire fighter
  • Changes in equipment availability from Jon’s start to present day
  • Saving people’s lives with next to nothing and never complaining
  • Looking into the past so that you appreciate what you have
  • The reason that all firefighters have a job
  • Story of the burning gopher and why it’s all bs
  • All the aspects of the firefighter cop relationship
  • Working around the airports and the tragedies that could happen
  • How the history of Eagle Fire has traveled the time
  • Keys to pursuing a passion, not just a job
  • What makes Eagle Fire so special

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