Episode 11 – United Rentals – Eagle

Today in the studio, Alex is on location at United Rentals with Geoff Soelter, Todd Winstead, Walter Valdez, and Andy Dewell to talk about their equipment rental business in Eagle, Colorado. The Eagle location actually started as RSC but was eventually bought in 2012 by United Rentals to become the largest rental company in the world. Since then they have gone on to purchase more companies and expand their services globally beyond equipment rental. While part of a global corporation, the Eagle location still has that local small-town feel and remains ingrained in the community. Stay tuned to hear about all the great aspects of United Rentals and see if they can help you or your business with equipment rental and more!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Providing quality, safe, and reliable equipment to the end user
  • The history of United Rentals and the Eagle location
  • Sheer size of United Rentals on a global scale
  • Advantages to buying new and used equipment from United
  • Importance of customer service on the company success
  • Customer Owned Equipment (COE) specific program
  • Areas that the Eagle location services
  • Talking and walking when it comes to safety and training
  • Fuel and onsite fueling when renting out equipment
  • RPP insurance and how it works
  • Most unique piece of equipment that they have in the yard today
  • Involvement in the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

Links to resources:

Eagle County Fair and Rodeo

United Rentals

Reach Geoff at his email: gsoelter@ur.com

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