Episode 19 – Peter Davis (Professional Cyclist) “Keep’n It Real”

In this episode, Alex and Peter talk about…

  • Perceptions of people based on different exposures
  • Why first place is the only thing that matters when the money is up
  • Importance of keeping training in your personal business
  • Great life philosophy for anyone who wants to get better at anything
  • Events that led Peter to a cycling career
  • The driving forces that took Peter to that next level
  • Breaking down the big cycling teams back in the day
  • How Peter has lived a champagne life on a beer budget
  • Peter’s crazy story about his first race in Colorado
  • Chasing a world championship later in life
  • The sacred purity of racing for the beautiful competition
  • Riding e-bikes vs. other types of bikes

Links to resources:

Tyler Hamilton “The Secret Race”

Alexi Grewal

Heuga Foundation

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