Episode 20 – Winter Hut Trip w/ Terri-Ann Giandomenico

In this episode, Alex and Terri-Ann talk about…

  • Getting from sea level all the way to the hut in the mountains
  • Hazardous conditions and sights along the way
  • Comfort levels to be expected when getting to the huts
  • Having fun without the luxury of unnecessary technologies
  • Alex’s experience trapped in the Taggart hut during avalanche season
  • How group fitness classes are different than crossfit
  • Terri-Ann’s roots from Philadelphia...or New Jersey
  • Attention to detail that lies in the fields of construction and photography
  • Alex and Terri-Ann’s close call to having the same brother-in-law

Links to resources:

D.L. Miner Construction

7 Tips for Planning Your First Colorado Hut Trip

10th Mountain Division Hut Association

Tagert & Green-Wilson Huts

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